Hello everyone,

These are so much fun to do, so I thought I would do another daily prompt. Also, I’m sorry if this isn’t that good of a poem; I just really like writing and the daily prompts help me with using those writing muscles.

It makes sense
Once you’re done with me I’m gone
Got those timelines and notes to give
But then dump me like trash
And it’s not like I can even be recycled
Dumped in trash
Can’t listen to what you have to say
Because for once instead of listening to your problems I’m trying to deal with my own
I’m trying to be there for you
But when I ask for a friend
It’s irrelevant
Is it too much for you to realize that I have a life too?
Not one that’s filled with being there for you at every single moment of every day of your life
Because you’re just one person
And I’m just one person
And the world doesn’t revolve around us
We’re irrelevant
So stop making it seem like the world revolved around you
Because the world revolves around the sun which is in the Milky Way Galaxy and they have a chocolate names after them, therefore we need to revolve around chocolate
That’s irrelevant

via Daily Prompt: Irrelevant


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